The boys are off to World Championships!

POSTED BY Adam Wigmore 2nd March 2017 in News
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After an unfortunate turn of events during the London qualifiers, London Conspiracy’s halo team took another chance at the online qualifiers, and what a fantastic performance! Every game the team worked in unison to show their opponents they are worthy of a place in the World Championships, showing the true potential this roster has. Each individual player went above and beyond to secure this place, putting them in the top three European Halo teams of 2017. It’s without a doubt that London Conspiracy pose a real threat to the other qualifying teams heading to the World Championships, with some impressive play from all. Even within the final game, playing against¬†Batchford, SeptiQ performed some outstanding sniper play that would put most to shame, and Ramirez’ veterancy led the boys to a well deserved win. We look forward to going to California for the World Championships and facing new challenges, and new opponents!

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