team4real join London Conspiracy!

POSTED BY Peter Thompson 7th March 2017 in News
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We are extremely excited to announce our new female CS:GO team from Russia!

  Kristina “Bloody Elf” Galichenko
  Daria “dshq” Mishutina
  Aleksandra “Riley” Ksenzik
  Tatiana “Sindi” Gracheva
  Tatiana “t4tty” Vorontcova

Previously under the names team4real and Reason Gaming the core of this team has been together for over 2 years now with a list of achievements below:

3/4 (Reason gaming) – ESWC 2016
2nd (Reason gaming) – CSGO Female Stars Starladder (offline finals)
1st (Reason gaming) – Starladder CSGO Female Stars Qualifier 2016
1st (Reason gaming) – Female Open Summer 2016
5-8 (TeamYP) – Copenhagen games female 2016
1st (Team YP) – EST | TÉLÉTHON LADIES 5/12 2015
2nd (Team YP) – D!ngIT $2000 Weekly Cup #29 2015

The teams first offline event will be at the Copenhagen Games in April!