The Guardians of LC

POSTED BY Rob Harris 15th February 2017 in News
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For London Conspiracy, 2017 marks an important year. It is a year that we’re looking to grow, expand and prosper in an ever-growing Esports market. We wanted to take our time and find the right team to really help grow our brand and who we can help support in a way to pursue their gaming career. As of today, we are over the moon to announce our new Halo roster consisting of talented players that we are sure will only get better from here. You’ll be able to see the following roster at Wembley this weekend for the EU HWC 2017 Qualifier:

Rob “SeptiQ” Singleton
Casey “Lunny” Lunn
Ryan “Batchford” Bachelor
Andrew “Ramirez” Corrigan
Kyle “Turk” Wall