Halo WC Qualifiers – Sunday Lowdown

POSTED BY Adam Wigmore 23rd February 2017 in News
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It was the final day of the Halo World Championship European Qualifiers, and expectations were high. London Conspiracy were scheduled to be the second game series of the day, against the French opposition, Supremacy. LC had previously won 3-0 to Epsilon, and so came with confidence. The players took their positions at Wembley, and play commenced. Ramirez, SeptiQ and Batchford were great allies alongside Lunny, joining the live scene after being one of the top online players. Kicking off the best of five was Strongholds on Empire. Supremacy were able to secure a strong lead, but not for long. London Conspiracy fought back hard, and was able to secure some points of their own, with some fantastic positioning by Batchford. Lunny showed everyone his worth in the live scene by securing himself an early double kill critical to getting points on the board. Supremacy fought back hard, however, and their aggressive play style left LC on the backfoot. Supremacy were able to capitalise on this and get the win, but LC certainly didn’t make it easy. The teams reached a stalemate, with no one able to push the other into a compromising position for some time, which unfortunately gave Supremacy the win, 100-41.

Not to be disheartened, the team rallied back for a Coliseum Slayer. Knowing they needed the power weapons, they hit hard at Supremacy. SLG managed to claim the sniper, and pulled off some fortunate no scopes. London Conspiracy, not ones to easily lie down, pushed his position, and claimed the sniper for their own, but not before SLG cheekily emptied its ammunition! From there it was an uphill climb for LC. Unable to keep SLG from the sniper once more, they were pushed back, and pinned with little options left. That being said, even with only one kill to go for Supremacy, London Conspiracy were not giving up, and claimed at least four further kills before SLG was able to secure the final kill.

2-0 down, the boys entered into the third match, Capture The Flag on Truth. Certainly a fast paced map, the boys began to show their true strength in aggression. Although Supremacy captured the first flag, it wasn’t long before the boys were able to go ahead and claim two of their own, within a minute of each other! After such an incredible performance, Batchford attempted for a third, an unbelievably bold move that would have been phenomenal. In fact, it was phenomenal! Supremacy, however, were not so easily pushed over, and countered the third bold push. From there, Supremacy were able to come in and claim two more flags, but not without a fight down to the tooth and nail, with Supremacy’s Fragxr clearly feeling the potential of London Conspiracy, with their emotions running high, and Supremacy’s desire to get revenge on Pace Making Pandas, they claimed the CTF game 3-2, defeating London Conspiracy 3-0.

Whilst this may seem like a complete wipe, let it be known that the boys never gave up a game easily! Every match was fought to the last man, fought with vigour, and fought well. Although they weren’t able to secure the spot for the World Championships, London Conspiracy fans saw the potential this team carried, and it is clear that, once they have worked together a bit longer, their teamwork will be unrivalled. We may not have made it this time, but there is certainly potential in the roster for many games to come!

London Conspiracy wishes Supremacy all the best as they head off to California for the World Championships.