How it all began…

POSTED BY Rob Harris 15th February 2017 in News
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A new conspiracy has been formed. The London Conspiracy, a UK eSport team with a difference, with the aim to become one of the best competitive teams around. During the early months of 2014, Joe Tuley former owner of Visualize Your Enmity (VYE) set about to make a new team to launch within the ever growing eSport world. By mentoring and looking after our players/teams we will be able to form successful partnerships and act as one.

So that was our mission statement.

After months of hard graft we managed to pick up several different teams in different disciplines and was able to overcome the critics and managed to achieve greatness. Our CSGO team competed in some of the biggest competitions all over Europe, our FIFA player was crowned vice champion and our SMITE team went to win against reigning champions TITAN in a head to head event.

A year later we picked up an unknown Greek team in DOTA2, and these guys we’re something special. Overcoming many top tier teams within their field, and achieving greatness. Furthermore we’ve worked with many different partners & sponsors and really pleased that we built these relationships up from the ground and make a return of investment every time, so thank you to the people who gave us a chance!

So we owe you guys a apology for radio silence. It was a great time within LC, but we were struggling to pitch to investors to get that extra funding we needed to get involved in other games such as League of legends etc so we decided to release the teams in July 2016 and close up for a brief while. So we could restructure and focus on a plan that would bring us back to former glory. We’ve had a great brand, and you guys loved us dearly and we do thank you for that! We couldn’t of done it with out you.